Bob & Stacey – A beautiful week of weather, seems like only the weekends are wet now!  Pete is finishing up the grading, now that the south side of the site is clear.  Steve O’Brien is right behind him, planting and spreading topsoil.  Really taking shape.  They should finish up tomorrow if it doesn’t start […]


Bob & Stacey – The electricians worked on the issues that didn’t pass the first electrical inspection, and will have a second inspection on Monday.  They are ready today, but no inspectors are available until Monday.    They did add the outlet at the back wall of the BBQ grill for the rotisserie and light, […]


Bob & Stacey – A lot happening at the job site as everyone works to complete different parts of the house.  The landscapers and masons have been busy outside this week, with the masons finishing the hot tub enclosure, and the blue stone on the east terrace.  That stonework was acid washed and then pressure […]


Bob & Stacey – Getting harder to find a parking space, with most of the trades now onsite, including the landscaper.  The landscaper has started the retaining wall around the east lawn, and is prepping the terraced beds at the entry, and running irrigation lines.  The mason is finishing the bluestone on the east terrace, […]


Bob & Stacey – A nice warm week, with no afternoon showers.  I guess we can put the snow shovels away.  The carpenters are working in the basement, installing trim, with one carpenter working in the Mud Room/Laundry Room area, hanging doors and finishing up that area ahead of the tile crew, who will start setting […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters are finishing up in the upstairs baths, now that the shower jambs are installed and they can run trim and paneling in those areas.  They are also installing trim in the basement and the Mudroom, and hanging doors and installing door hardware.  The tile crew is finishing up the […]


Bob & Stacey – Another week with afternoon thunderstorms, but the outhouses stayed upright.  The exterior siding is finished, except for the doors on the electrical service closet, which will be built and sided next week.  The garage doors are on order, along with the siding and trim for covering them.  We will be using […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters are almost done with the exterior siding, and should finish up tomorrow.  The interior trim carpenters are finishing up the upstairs bedrooms, and working in the Guest Master.  The tile workers have been working in the upstairs baths, and in the Guest Master Bath.  The new sinks are installed […]


Bob & Stacey – A lot happening this week, along with an abrupt cold front on Tuesday.  It came in with strong winds, which upended both of our port-a-potties!  That was the only damage, and luckily they were unoccupied at the time.  The weather postponed our terrace pour until yesterday, but got that done, along […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters are continuing with the interior trim upstairs, and in the Guest Master Suite.  The siding crew is working around to the back of the house on the west side, and they will have 3 more carpenters joining them on Monday.  They delivered another man-lift today for the 2nd crew. […]


Bob & Stacey – Starting to feel a bit more like summer, with temps. this week near 70º.  The east slab area is prepped, and the spray foam under the snowmelt areas will be installed tomorrow.  The excavator is prepping the hot tub enclosure for the slab, which will be poured at the same time […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters are continuing with the interior trim on the upper level, and the siding crew has arrived and is starting on the Guest Master wing.  The door between the Mud Room and the Garage is installed, as are the two doors at the Trash Room.  We have started to clear […]


Bob & Stacey – Cold and wet this week, but the cold front is moving out, and the site was dry enough this morning to shed the mud boots.  We poured the footings for the hot tub early in the week, and then poured the walls yesterday.  The concrete crew was back early this morning […]


Bob & Stacey – A nice week of weather, drier and warmer each day.  Today was warm enough to convince the aspens to start leafing out, a nice shot of color.  The carpenters are done with the timber rafters in the Living Room, and will soon be hoisting the purlins into place.  Jeff Morris set […]


Bob & Stacey – As usual, April in Jackson is living up to it’s reputation as the cruelest month.  Snow and rain in the valley this week, with lots of snow up high.  2+ feet in three days up on the pass, and Targhee has gotten 3′ this week.  Not affecting the interior work, but […]


Bob & Stacey – A few nice days in a row have really helped to dry out the site.  Almost 70 today!  Supposed to rain tomorrow, and rain back on Sunday, and into next week.  Depending on how much we get will determine if we can start back up on the hot tub and terrace […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters are continuing on the Living Room ceiling, with about 3/4 of the barnwood ceiling installed.  They have basically built a “3rd floor” over the entire room, to be able to work on the ceiling.  The reclaimed oak paneling is installed in the Mud Room, and the Bunk Room paneling […]


Bob & Stacey – On the upper floor, all of the wood flooring is installed, except for a few areas in the hallway/bridge.  Sanding and staining/finish will start next week.  The floor tiles have been ordered for the Master Bath, and the Guest Master Bath.  We should be seeing countertops and slab trim for the […]


Bob & Stacey – Spring thaw continues, and with it, mud season.  We’ve lost our back parking lot, and access around to the back of the house, until things dry out, which could be awhile, depending on if we get more precipitation over the next couple of months.  At least with the melt, the driveway […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters got started on the Living Room ceiling this week, and are continuing with the timber and reclaimed trim on the stairwell window wall.  They are also finishing up the ceiling in the main level Gallery, and working on the last framing in the basement.  The drywall crew will be […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters have completed the barnwood ceiling in the stairwell, and installed the head timber above the windows in the stairwell, also.  They will now dismantle the temporary scaffold in that area, so they can continue on with the vertical timber trim around the windows.  They are also making good progress […]


Bob & Stacey – The drywall is getting taped on the main floor, and then they will start the texture.  The tile sub. is working in the Master and Guest Master Baths.  The HVAC crew has fired up the floor heat, and they are adjusting the boiler temp. and making sure the upstairs is warm […]


Bob & Stacey – Good to see you over the past two weeks, sorry the weather was so crazy.  Our nice week of sunshine is now changing to snow/rain for the weekend.  The carpenters are continuing with the wood ceiling in the upstairs hallway – we decided to remove a bit of drywall along the […]


Bob & Stacey – Good week of progress on the interior of the house, while the snow piles up on the outside!  The painters are finishing up on the upper level, and we will be receiving the wood flooring next week.  The HVAC crew has all of the radiant floor heat tubing installed on the […]


Bob & Stacey – Light snow most of the week, and now it’s starting to clear.  Supposed to have clear weather next week, which means colder.  We are all OK with that for awhile, as we are tired of moving snow!  Carpenters are continuing with timbers on the main floor, working on pocket doors, doing […]


Bob & Stacey – Nice to have a week without snow, at least from a construction standpoint!  Temperature has warmed up a bit too, as we are supposed to have light snow showers through the weekend.  Our shipment of reclaimed material arrived yesterday, and we are moving the ceiling material inside, stacking it with spacers, […]


Bob & Stacey – Tough week due to the heavy snow Mon.-Wed., nice and clear now.  Still doing some snow removal today, but all of the subs. were back at work.  The carpenters are hanging the last of the doors, working on the timber headers and barnwood jamb extensions in the Gallery, and finishing up […]


Bob & Stacey – Snowy start to this week, with snow over the weekend continuing into Monday and Tuesday.  We were plowed and dug out early each morning, so the subs. could get to work.  The drywall crew is taping the upper floor, and should start texture soon.  Another crew of drywall hangers start today […]


Bob & Stacey – Snow last weekend, and more coming for this weekend, but a pretty quiet week weather wise.  The carpenters are working on the main level, mostly, installing the faux trim and window sills.  Shower benches were framed in the upstairs baths, and the tile crew is prepping showers and the one tub […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters are continuing with the faux trim on the main level, timber rafters in the Entry, window sills on the main level, and checking walls for straightness and blocking for accessories.  The electricians passed the electrical inspection this morning for the main level, and the insulators will start tomorrow on […]


Bob & Stacey – The front walk and entry stone work is complete.  The roofers finished installing the standing seam metal roofing, just in time for the snow to pick up.  The carpenters are continuing with the interior doors, window sills, and faux trim (sounds better than work boards!) on the main floor.  Also working […]


Bob & Stacey – Here’s last week’s update!  A short, wet week leading up to Thanksgiving.   Masons continued work on the front walk, staying warm and dry under their tent.  The drywall crew finished hanging what they could upstairs, and were putting up the L-metal and corner bead metal.  Stud bays in the walls […]


Bob & Stacey – Beautiful weather up until today, which feels like the first day of winter.  A few inches of snow in the valley, but tomorrow it is supposed to clear up.  The roofers were back this week, and worked on the Guest Master wing.  The last of the chimney work finished up yesterday, […]


Bob & Stacey – After our wettest October on record – more than 5″ of rain – it is nice to be enjoying some clear weather.  For awhile.  We poured the front entry terrace and walkway yesterday afternoon, along with the footings for the hot tub.  The masons are setting stone on the retaining walls […]


Bob & Stacey – Mostly inside work this week, although it has been clear and dry the last few days, so the excavator is back onsite.  He is finishing up the leach field, the landscape drains in the front of the house, and will be working this weekend – more nice weather predicted – on […]


Bob & Stacey – Another wet week here, so the excavator is getting slowed down.  He did work over the weekend, when we had beautiful weather, and backfilled the electrical trench.  Lower Valley will be coming out next Wednesday to energize the electrical service, and then we will be off of the temporary power and […]


Bob & Stacey – The masons are finishing up the stone veneer on the front of the house, and will be starting inside next week.  The snow and rain we had for most of the week slowed down the front walk and entry work, so hope to get that poured next week.  The carpenters are […]


Bob & Stacey – The carpenters finished installing the barnwood soffit on the entry this week, and are laying the plywood shear layer over the soffit, and then the roofers can get their work completed in that area.  The interior doors and faux trim are being installed upstairs, and we should start stocking drywall on […]

Morse 10/7/16

Bob and Stacey – This week we have been faced with the beginning of winter. Monday and Tuesday were wet, cold and windy, and Wednesday and Thursday saw high winds, rain, and several inches of snow at the site. The roofers are back on site and have most of the large upper roof completed. The masons […]


Bob & Stacey – A good week, but it ended on a wet note today with off and on showers.  Chased the carpenters inside, where they worked on timbers, shimming windows for drywall, and setting the two doors at the Living Room terrace.  The insulator finished spraying foam on the exterior walls on the main […]

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