Bob & Stacey –

Tough week due to the heavy snow Mon.-Wed., nice and clear now.  Still doing some snow removal today, but all of the subs. were back at work.  The carpenters are hanging the last of the doors, working on the timber headers and barnwood jamb extensions in the Gallery, and finishing up the window sills in the basement.  The drywall crew is hanging drywall in the Guest Master Suite, and finishing up the taping upstairs.  They will be starting the texture upstairs tomorrow.  The HVAC crew are working towards starting the floor heat on the upper level.  Xssentials was onsite today, locating speaker brackets in the Living Room, and roughing-in for the Laundry Room TV.  The electricians are installing floor outlets and hooking up power to the HVAC equipment in the Mechanical Room.  The masons will be back onsite next week, starting on the interior stonework.  May take them a day or two to dig out their stone, sand, and mixer!   – – – Dave

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