Bob & Stacey –

A nice week of weather, drier and warmer each day.  Today was warm enough to convince the aspens to start leafing out, a nice shot of color.  The carpenters are done with the timber rafters in the Living Room, and will soon be hoisting the purlins into place.  Jeff Morris set the Living Room fireplace door frame, so as soon as the scaffolding comes down, the masons will start in there.  The interior trim is starting upstairs, and looks great.  Good to see all that effort for the flush trim detail starting to pay off.  The masons are continuing with the stone veneer in the stairwell, west wall, and are almost up to the timbers in the Entry.  The flooring installer is just getting going in the Guest Master Bedroom, and should start to make better progress now.  The electricians and HVAC crew are working in the Mechanical Room.  The Kitchen countertops are installed, except for at the appliance garages, where we are waiting for those cabinets to be modified before the top goes in.  The drywall finisher has textured the ceilings in the basement, and is now working on the walls.  The pictures I’ve included this week of the Wine Room are a bit misleading for color – too light with the flash, and too dark without, so don’t judge the color based on these photos!  The site is drying out nicely, and the excavator will be back next week to start on the hot tub move and the final terrace prep.  The painters were lacquering doors today, and will be back tomorrow to finish that up.                     – – – Dave


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