Bob & Stacey –

The carpenters got started on the Living Room ceiling this week, and are continuing with the timber and reclaimed trim on the stairwell window wall.  They are also finishing up the ceiling in the main level Gallery, and working on the last framing in the basement.  The drywall crew will be starting to hang drywall in the basement early next week.  The insulators have most of the insulation done in the basement, and will be spraying the walls of the crawlspaces next week.  The are going to finish up the mold mitigation tomorrow.  The cabinet installation is proceeding on the main level, with the Kitchen taking shape, and the Pantry cabinets installed.  The rest of the main level cabinets will arrive Monday, and they will get started on the west end of the house – Guest Master, and move to Bob’s Office and the Library.  The masons are finishing up the Master Bedroom fireplace, and the floor installer will roll right into the Master Suite early next week when the masons get cleaned up.  Xssentials will be onsite tomorrow to finish the rough-in of the Media Room.  We received our interior trim package this week, and will start upstairs after the flooring installer has finished and put the first coat of finish on the floors.  Hoping to get resolution on the Master & Guest Master floor tiles soon.  Met with Larry and the tile sub. this afternoon, and I think we’ve got  a good solution that will clean things up quite a bit and make you go “Wow” instead of “Why?”.  – – – Dave

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