Morse 10/7/16

Bob and Stacey – This week we have been faced with the beginning of winter. Monday and Tuesday were wet, cold and windy, and Wednesday and Thursday saw high winds, rain, and several inches of snow at the site.┬áThe roofers are back on site and have most of the large upper roof completed. The masons will be setting the chimney cap slaps on Tuesday or Wednesday with a crane, and are installing the bluestone terrace outside the family room. We are installing the new doors that arrived from Zola. Electricians are continuing on the rough in on the main floor, and focusing on the basement. Pete’s Excavation has installed the water line into the house, and the septic line from the house to the tanks, and the tanks to the leach field. Pete will be working on the leach field next week. He’s prepped the front entry and walkway, and installed the trench drain; it’s ready for foam insulation as soon as the ground dries out. We’re looking forward to a productive visit next week.


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