Bob & Stacey –

A few nice days in a row have really helped to dry out the site.  Almost 70 today!  Supposed to rain tomorrow, and rain back on Sunday, and into next week.  Depending on how much we get will determine if we can start back up on the hot tub and terrace prep. next week.  The carpenters are working on the rafters in the Living Room, while they await the delivery on this coming Monday of the rest of the ceiling material.  They are also working on the timbers around the windows in the Living Room.  All of the reclaimed oak paneling is now installed in the Mud Room, Bunk Room, and Wine Room.  Rick is starting to install the Euroline door and windows in the Wine Room.  The flooring sub. has sanded and stained the upstairs bedrooms, and they look great.  We were worried that the stain would cover up too much, and make the floor monotone, but such is not the case.  It does even it up, but just enough.  Roger is continuing with the cabinet installation on the main level.  The masons have finished the Family Room, and are getting started in the stairwell.  The electricians are trimming out where they can, and roughing in the power at the Kitchen island for outlets and garbage disposal.   We just received the steel frame for the island, that will support the countertop at the seating area.  – – – Dave


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