Bob & Stacey –

Another wet week here, so the excavator is getting slowed down.  He did work over the weekend, when we had beautiful weather, and backfilled the electrical trench.  Lower Valley will be coming out next Wednesday to energize the electrical service, and then we will be off of the temporary power and able to use electric heat for the winter.  Cheaper and safer than the propane heat we used last winter.  As soon as we dry out (or freeze), the excavator will backfill the leach field and start the hot tub terrace prep.  The carpenters are installing the timbers in the Master Bedroom, interior doors on the upper level (all in except for the pocket doors, which they are working on now), and, of course, the faux trim.  Also, lots and lots of blocking for trim and bath accessories.  The wood window sill material will be arriving Monday, and they will be installed ahead of the drywall.The insulator is installing spray foam on the main level, and the few areas on the upper level that had to be left open while rough-in continues.  Electricians are continuing with their rough-in, and worked on the electrical service this week.  The mason’s are finishing up their exterior work, and we are prepping areas inside for them to get started on.  – – – Dave

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