Bob & Stacey –

The carpenters are almost done with the exterior siding, and should finish up tomorrow.  The interior trim carpenters are finishing up the upstairs bedrooms, and working in the Guest Master.  The tile workers have been working in the upstairs baths, and in the Guest Master Bath.  The new sinks are installed in the Master Bath and the Mud Room Powder Room.  The Guest Master top cracked when they were cutting the new sink openings, and the back-up slab had the same veining, so Dan has ordered a new slab, and it should be installed in a few weeks.  Sometimes even the back-up plan needs a back-up!  The cabinet crew is installing cabinets in the basement.  The drywall sub. has finished the drywall install in the Exercise Room, after the glass wall went in, and is now texturing the one wall we had to leave the drywall undone, and finishing up to the glass wall frame.  The painters will be back on Monday to do the paneling in the Wine Room, the drywall in the Living Room and the Stairwell, before continuing on to other areas.  The electricians wired in the pump controls for the well, and we now have water in the house.  They have been continuing with trim-out on the main level.  The plumbers have been checking for leaks now that the water is on (none so far!), and hooking up the tubs.  The HVAC crew has been hooking up the A/C units on the pad at the west end of the house, and finishing up ductwork in the Mechanical Room.  The masons will be back on Monday to start laying the blue stone on the East Terrace.  The angle iron around the inside of the hot tub will arrive Monday, and will be installed that afternoon, as the crane to set the hot tub is scheduled for early Tuesday morning.  The top soil screening is almost done, good weather for that as we only had one light shower all week.   – – – Dave

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