Bob & Stacey –

The carpenters are continuing on the Living Room ceiling, with about 3/4 of the barnwood ceiling installed.  They have basically built a “3rd floor” over the entire room, to be able to work on the ceiling.  The reclaimed oak paneling is installed in the Mud Room, and the Bunk Room paneling is in progress.  Larry is working on the timbers in the basement, around the stairwell area.  The exterior is slowly drying out, and they will get back on the exterior siding as soon practical.  The floor installer will be back on Monday, and start sanding and finishing on the upstairs bedrooms.  When he’s got the first coat of finish done, we can start trim in those areas.  Rodger is continuing with the cabinet installation.  The Laundry Room is done, and he’s working in the Guest Master Closet, and the Library.  The Mud Room cabinets arrive on Monday.  We will have to stain and finish the paneling in there first, which will work fine as it will take him a week to install the Library.  The electricians are continuing with trim-out upstairs – just recessed lights, switches and receptacles for the time being.  The masons are working in the Family Room, and should finish up the walls today, and start on the fireplace.  The drywall is 95% installed in the Basement, and taping and texturing is getting started.  Met with Bonny and Amanda this week on relocating the hot tub, and hope to see a new plan on that soon, as when that area dries out, we would like to get right on excavation and footings.  The snow is slowly leaving the valley floor, melting due to equal doses of sun and rain.  – – – Dave

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