Bob & Stacey –

Good to see you over the past two weeks, sorry the weather was so crazy.  Our nice week of sunshine is now changing to snow/rain for the weekend.  The carpenters are continuing with the wood ceiling in the upstairs hallway – we decided to remove a bit of drywall along the south wall to allow them to get the ceiling boards installed without having to cut them.  The timbers are going up in the Family Room, today was all prepping on the timbers, and a lot should go up tomorrow.  The faux trim is almost done in the basement.  The HVAC boys were filling the tubing on the upper and main floors today, ahead of starting up the floor heat.  The electricians were working in the Mechanical Room, installing disconnects for the boilers, and running control wiring for the equipment.  The granite crew was finishing up the install of the Master Bath granite trim on the walls and windows today, that is really looking nice.  Can’t wait to see it with the tile installed.  The cabinet installers are continuing with the closets upstairs.  We received the walnut wainscot, and will start on that early next week.  Drywall crew is installing metal, and should start tape & texture next week on the main level.  The wood flooring for the 2nd floor arrived, and has been moved inside to acclimate.  Will start the install on that as soon as it stabilizes, and we can find some room upstairs!   – – – Dave

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