Bob & Stacey –

The electricians worked on the issues that didn’t pass the first electrical inspection, and will have a second inspection on Monday.  They are ready today, but no inspectors are available until Monday.    They did add the outlet at the back wall of the BBQ grill for the rotisserie and light, so the cord will not hang across the countertop when plugged in.  I’ve got the stainless steel “legs” ready to install, but need the stainless steel mesh first, which is still being quoted by the supplier.  Dave Daniels is casting the backsplash and countertops, and should be here next week to install.  Jeff Morris is working on the 2 steel tops for the basement, and hope to see those next week also.  He says the 4 piece fireplace tool sets will be $1,400/ea.  Let me know if you want him to make them.  The drawer/door pulls for the Wine Room and Bunk Hall are due here mid-Oct.  We are ready for the garage parking area pour, but will have to wait until mid-next week to pour, and then only if the weather cooperates.  Supposed to go downhill later today, and into early next week.  Hoping it will clear after Tuesday!

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