Bob & Stacey –

Light snow most of the week, and now it’s starting to clear.  Supposed to have clear weather next week, which means colder.  We are all OK with that for awhile, as we are tired of moving snow!  Carpenters are continuing with timbers on the main floor, working on pocket doors, doing the custom routering for the radiant tubing, and finishing up the faux trim details.  The painters have the upstairs bedrooms painted, but pulled off today until they have answers on the paint color for the closets and approval from EMD on the “House White” color (they should have the sample tomorrow).  We need these decisions made sooner as it impacts the schedule!  The electricians are making adjustments to the main floor rough-in ahead of the drywall hangers, who have hung most of the main floor, and will be back to finish after the hydronic tubing is installed next week by the HVAC crew.  The cabinet install upstairs will start on Feb. 6th.  Chris picked up the sample today from EMD for the “bleached walnut”, and he agreed with me, that it was a clear finish over a vertical grain walnut veneer plywood.  He will match the finish on a sample of his walnut, and have you review.  Likely won’t be able to strip the existing vanities to be able to match, but will talk with his finishing staff and report back.  – – – Dave

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