Bob & Stacey –

Here’s last week’s update!  A short, wet week leading up to Thanksgiving.   Masons continued work on the front walk, staying warm and dry under their tent.  The drywall crew finished hanging what they could upstairs, and were putting up the L-metal and corner bead metal.  Stud bays in the walls that will be used for hydronic lines will be left open until the hydronic tubing is run late next week, and then they can be drywalled.  This step is due to the fact that the hydronic manifolds were moved up into the attic during the planning phase, so there will be no access panels housing the manifolds on the upper (or main) floor.  This week’s photos showing the painted lines on the WarmBoard floors show where we have to do some custom routing in order to run the hydronic lines.  This is somewhat part of the original plan, as WarmBoard designs the panel layout with the various heating zones in mind, but the final tally of custom router work looks like it will far exceed their original estimate!  The roofers worked on the upper roof, installing the standing seam metal roofing.  The electricians stayed ahead of the masons on the front walk, installing the up-lights, and continued rough-in on the main floor and basement.  Carpenters were installing window sills, doors, and the faux trim.  Also finished up the timber trim on the exterior of the Living Room.   – – – Dave

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