Bob & Stacey –

Good week of progress on the interior of the house, while the snow piles up on the outside!  The painters are finishing up on the upper level, and we will be receiving the wood flooring next week.  The HVAC crew has all of the radiant floor heat tubing installed on the main level, and they are working on getting that all tied into to the hydronic manifolds, and then they will turn the floor heat on.  We will spread the flooring out on the upper level, get it acclimated, and then start the install.  The custom stair builder was in town this week, and we met with him, the structural engineer, and Gabriel, and went over details today.  We should have shop drawings for everyone’s review in less than 2 weeks.  The carpenters are installing timbers in the Gallery, wood ceiling in the Family Room, and installing the jambs on the pocket doors.  The cabinet install on the upper level is scheduled for early next week, if we can get their trailer to the job site!  The snow is supposed to continue through the weekend and into next week.  Jeff Morris has the Family Room fireplace frame finished, and is working on the finish for the Master Bedroom fireplace front.  Hope to have that onsite early next week also.  See you Monday!  – – – Dave

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