Bob & Stacey –

Snow last weekend, and more coming for this weekend, but a pretty quiet week weather wise.  The carpenters are working on the main level, mostly, installing the faux trim and window sills.  Shower benches were framed in the upstairs baths, and the tile crew is prepping showers and the one tub surround, and starting to lay some tile.  The insulators are on the main level, installing the sound insulation on the interior walls and the ceiling insulation between the floors.  Drywall for the main level will be stocked early next week, and then the hangers will start the installation.  They are currently installing metal on the upper floor, and will start taping and texturing in the next few days.  The HVAC crew has been working in the basement, tying-in hydronic lines to manifolds, and hanging the boilers on the east wall of the Mechanical Room.  We should have heat on the upper floor by later next week.  It’s surprising how warm the house stays with just a few electric heaters running.  The solar gain through the south facing windows is impressive.  -15F degrees this morning, and the house was comfy.  The electricians are just about complete on the main level, they roughed in for the  pendants above the island today.  Nice that all of the fixtures will fit without having to alter the ceiling framing.  The stair builder is going to hop on making a small mock-up of a section of the stair stringer, and get some finishes on it for your review in a few weeks.  – – – Dave

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