Bob & Stacey –

Getting harder to find a parking space, with most of the trades now onsite, including the landscaper.  The landscaper has started the retaining wall around the east lawn, and is prepping the terraced beds at the entry, and running irrigation lines.  The mason is finishing the bluestone on the east terrace, and working on the stone around the hot tub.  Inside, the insulator sprayed the ext. walls of the garage this week, and the interior trim is going up.  The stairs between the main and upper levels are taking shape, and the painters are working on the upper level.  The bunk bed stairs and walls are being trimmed out.  The electricians are working on fixtures, and panels in the Mechanical Room.  The plumber has been installing fixtures and faucets.  The faux painters have been working on the reclaimed timbers, blending in the fresh faces on the timbers that had to be milled.  – – – Dave

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