Bob & Stacey –

A nice warm week, with no afternoon showers.  I guess we can put the snow shovels away.  The carpenters are working in the basement, installing trim, with one carpenter working in the Mud Room/Laundry Room area, hanging doors and finishing up that area ahead of the tile crew, who will start setting the blue stone in that area on Monday.  The cabinet installers are working in the basement.  The Wine Room is done, and they are starting on the bunk beds.  The electricians are continuing to install recessed and under cabinet fixtures, and hooking up a lot of the mechanical equipment.  The HVAC crew is finished with their connections to the A/C units, and are installing registers, thermostats, and starting on the wine cooling/humidification equipment.  They have also run the snowmelt loop around the top of the hot tub.  The tile crew is working in the upstairs baths, and should have all of those done soon.  The flooring installers are almost done with the Living and Dining Rooms, and we have covered those floors with two layers of protection, as the stairs arrive onsite tomorrow!  John Wonderly will use those rooms to stage the stair parts, and get started on Saturday with the layout.  It will take them most of the day tomorrow just to unload and get all the parts organized.  The excavator is back onsite, grading and prepping for the landscaper, who will start on Monday.  The steel fabricator is working on the front entry railing.  The rest of the granite countertops should be onsite next week, and the Laundry Room concrete countertop should be arriving next week also.   – – – Dave

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