Bob & Stacey –

The carpenters are continuing with the faux trim on the main level, timber rafters in the Entry, window sills on the main level, and checking walls for straightness and blocking for accessories.  The electricians passed the electrical inspection this morning for the main level, and the insulators will start tomorrow on the sound insulation.  The drywall crew was back to finish hanging the upstairs areas that they were held out of for the radiant tubing, and they installed more L-metal and corner bead.  The well driller was back this week to finish the water service inside the Mechanical Room.  The HVAC crew is working in the basement on setting equipment (electric boilers and air handlers), and running radiant supply/return lines to manifold locations.  Concrete crew planning on next week on the hot tub, which is just as well – it was very slippery going with the warmer weather today, mix of rain and snow.  Will take more pictures tomorrow, and send on Monday!  – – – Dave

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