Bob & Stacey –

A good week, but it ended on a wet note today with off and on showers.  Chased the carpenters inside, where they worked on timbers, shimming windows for drywall, and setting the two doors at the Living Room terrace.  The insulator finished spraying foam on the exterior walls on the main level, and after tomorrow’s electrical inspection on the main floor ceilings, will be back on Monday to foam the Guest Master and Family Room vaulted ceilings.  The masons finished up the Living Room terrace, and will be starting on the west retaining wall at the front entry on Monday.  Pete, the excavator, installed the landscape drain to the west of the front entry, re-graded around the west end of the house to make room for the A/C pad, and is working on the prep. for the front walk.  The roofers worked a few days, but pulled off until we get the chimney caps set.  They should be here next week.  It is better if we don’t have the masons working over the finished roofing, hence the need to hold off in those areas.  We unloaded a semi-truck of rock for the curved retaining wall today, and we have a load of siding coming tomorrow – finally!  Supposed to pour for the next few days, and then start clearing out on Sunday, with temps. back to the low 70’s next week.  – – – Dave

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