Harris 8/4/16

This week was about wrapping up loose ends. The interior hand grip was installed on the stair railing, and the exterior railing was installed. We are waiting on the last two corner pieces to arrive from the powder coater’s, and then the final cap can be installed. The building inspector was onsite on Monday morning […]

Harris 7/29/16

Lots of activity this week. Many subs are back and forth taking care of final details and punch list items. The flooring crew returned on Tuesday to put the final coat of poly on the oak floors. The painters wrapped up some touchup, the tile crew completed remaining caulking and sealing, the electrician installed the […]

Harris 7/22/16

We had a very productive week. The HVAC crew was on site to complete their trim out, installing all the grills and registers, the kitchen range hood, and the fireplace bricks and log set. The electrician completed installing the fixtures, and passed the final electrical inspection on Wednesday. We are now just waiting for the […]

Harris 7/14/16

The exterior of your home is really coming along. The dumpsters, trailers and miscellaneous materials have been moved off-site. The irrigation system is operational, and O’Brien and his crew have been fine-tuning it. The trees and shrubs have been planted, the willows on the south side of the ditch were removed earlier this week, and […]

Harris 7/7/16

The landscapers finished the stone terraces today, and are now working on laying out the planting beds, getting trees planted, topsoil spread, and irrigation line in. The painters have completed stain and lacquer on the interior trim and have started the final coat of paint on the walls. They also stained the garage door. The […]

Harris 6/30/16

The landscapers are really making progress with the infill dirt, topsoil, and terraces. The stone step at the front terrace was set on Tuesday and the terraces have filled in around it. The interior metal handrail was mocked up and measured in preparation for fabrication and powder coating. The countertop install crew returned to install […]

Harris 6/23/16

The painters continue to stain and lacquer the trim, windows, doors and railing. Woodworld is back on site today putting some finishing touches on the cabinetry, and installing the bench in the upstairs closet. The countertop crew is also here to install the ledge in the pantry, and to measure and template for the countertop […]

Harris 6/16/16

This week the crew wrapped up the last of the interior trim, and the painters are close behind them. They have finished prepping and masking, and have applied the wood conditioner and first coat of stain to the guest bedroom wing, media room and garage hall wing. They are making great progress. The interior railing […]

Harris 6/10/16

The mason returned this week with a crane to place the concrete cap on the chimney. O’Brien’s masons are also hard at work on the terraces, and have made their way around the north living room terrace. The garage door was installed this week, and the painter is on site and can stain it any […]

Harris 6/2/16

There was a lot of activity this week. The flooring has been installed, and they’re working on the stairs, and sanding and finishing. The Master terrace is underway, and the bollard lights are installed on the north terrace in preparation for the terrace stone on that side. Trim is coming along, and should wrap up […]

Harris 5/26/16

This week Pete was able to complete the terrace prep in between rain storms. Everything is compacted and ready for O’Brien Landscaping. Steve has mobilized some of his equipment out there, and plans to be on site Tuesday morning to start laying terrace stone. The cabinets have all been installed, including the bunk beds, and […]

Harris 5/19/16

Great progress was made this week with the cabinets. The bathrooms are fully installed, as are the kitchen, pantry and living room. Everything looks great. DLS Countertops was onsite last week; they made templates of all the countertops, and took the kitchen and bathroom sinks to make cutout templates. All the baseboard has been pre-stained […]

Harris 5/5/16

The cabinets have arrived – Wednesday morning things were unloaded and dispersed throughout the house. The installers will be here for at least two weeks; they’ve started right in on the kitchen and pantry, and simultaneously have guys working in the smaller rooms. Peak Glass had their service workers there on Tuesday making the conversion […]

Harris 4/29/16

The masons completed the interior stone work this week and it looks great. The carpenters are working on hanging all the interior doors, and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the interior trim. We took delivery of that today – all the window and door trim and baseboard are stocked in the garage. The […]

Harris 4/21/16

The masons are almost finished with the interior rock work. They have the Weathered Buff thin veneer done, and are wrapping up the Montana moss rock. They hope to pour the chimney slab next week, weather permitting. The floor heat cables in the master bath are installed and the floor leveler is over top of […]

Harris 4/14/16

This was a busy week at the site. Monday and Tuesday the heating sub was back and installed both furnaces in the crawlspace. They should be wired and operational in the next couple of weeks. The masons are also back on site this week – they prepped the living room walls for the stone and […]

Harris 4/7/16

The painters spent the week spraying the primer and first coat throughout the house. They also finished the two coats of paint on the ceiling. They will return Monday to continue touchup on the exterior, and to stain the front and garage doors. The tile workers were on site all week doing their prep and […]

Harris 3/31/16

Weather this week was tough to predict. Every other day bounced between snow, slush and sunshine. The drywallers completed the texture and sanding on Monday and Tuesday. The painter mobilized Wednesday, and they are on site today prepping and masking. They will have the primer, first coat on walls, and ceilings complete by end of […]

Harris 3/25/16

This week, winter weather continued, and we received a good 3-4″ of snow last night. Pete’s Excavation started digging the trench for the water line and the sewer yesterday. The lines will run from the east side of the mudroom hallway wall, around the proposed driveway, and out to the street. The sheetrock crew finished […]

Harris 3/17/16

Winter is back, at least for most of this week. The valley received heavy snow since Monday which naturally put off the excavator. He will keep a close eye on the weather and hopes to make a move out to the site during the next weather window. Woodworld was back on site yesterday installing the […]

Harris 3/10/16

Drywall was delivered and stocked in the house on Monday. The drywall crew is hanging the ceilings first, and then moving on to the walls. The master wing is complete, and ceilings in the rest of the house are done. The front door and garage entry door were installed and trimmed on Tuesday, and the […]

Harris 3/3/16

The past two weeks were all about pricing, ordering, measuring, punch list framing, and insulation. Blocking was added for all the bathroom accessories, shower glass, range hood, garage door track and springs, and barn door track. Two additional attic accesses were framed in – 1 in the master closet and 1 in the guest bedroom […]

Harris 2/18/16

This week – today, in fact – we’ve seen sun, rain, calm snow, a blizzard-like whiteout, sleet, and gale-force winds. I’m not sure whether to advise you to bring rain boots or snow boots for your visit next week. The crew worked mostly outside all week, getting the decking finished up, and tying up some loose […]

Harris 2/11/16

It’s been a sunny week – though temperatures remain in the 30s, we’ve had a valley-wide February thaw that has made work a bit more pleasant. This week the electrician will wrap up the rough-in. The lights and outlets will be done tomorrow, and he will continue with crawlspace wire for the furnaces, and the […]

Harris 2/5/16

After a significant storm last weekend, the valley saw a light dusting of new snow this week, and sub-zero temperatures. A little bit of everything! Electrical rough-in is nearing completion. The master/office wing are complete, the kitchen is complete, and the living room is in progress. The roofer returned on Monday to install the membrane […]

Harris 1/28/16

This week was another cold one – more snow in the forecast for the weekend. The electrical in the Master wing is mostly complete, and the heating crew continues to install ductwork in the crawlspace. After meeting with the Plumber, the fixtures are mostly decided; he’ll start working on the final order. The crew made […]

Harris 1/21/16

This week, in addition to more snow, we had the framing crew back on site for the balcony and deck framing. They built and sheeted the grill chase as well. Electrical was run outside for the exterior lights in this area, and I met with the plumber about running the gas line out to the […]

Harris 1/14/16

The crew spent this week working on the interior framing punch-list – pantry 1/2 wall, pantry pocket doors, the living room fireplace, kitchen bar, bunk room. They also shoveled out the back deck area to begin set-up for the exterior deck framing. The duct work in the crawlspace for the forced air is coming along, […]

Harris 1/7/16

We had several more inches of snow this week, which always means warmer temperatures. After losing a couple days last week to extreme cold, the warm days are welcomed. Electrical rough-in continues. The plumbing rough-in is complete until we have approval on the fixtures and pricing from Salmin Mechanical. Pending approval, he plans to return […]

Harris 12/31/15

So, this is what your house looks like in -18°. Real winter arrived last week and this week. Lots of snow fell in the valley in the days leading up to Christmas, and it has been extremely cold in the days since. Morning temperatures on the site have been between -20° and -15°. The roofers […]

Harris 12/18/15

This week we finally have heat on the job! The service was hooked up and energized on Monday, and Mike had heaters running shortly thereafter. The plumbers continue to make good progress on their rough-in, and Mike is finishing up rough-in on the upstairs, garage, and garage entry. Outside, the crew continues to work on […]

Harris 12/10/15

This week the site went from a snow covered lot, to a cold, slushy mud pit, and back to a winter wonderland – all in the space of four days. We hit record high temperature yesterday for the valley, but more snow is expected today through the weekend. The roofers delivered several pallets of shakes […]

Harris 12/3/15

This week was a pretty cold one. The crew continued the horizontal and vertical siding, and made some headway on the remaining trim. They started the framing of the electrical closet after the slab was fully cured. I met briefly with the plumber on site about the remaining vent locations, sewer line and rough-in. Mike, […]

Harris 11/25/15

I just wanted to post a few photos of the progress early this week. The framers and masons plan to work Friday, and Saturday if necessary, to make up for the holiday. They should complete the exterior stone work on the chimney, and the carpenters will continue to put up the siding. On Tuesday, the […]

Harris 11/20/15

Winter showed up this week. Most of the valley got 4-8 inches of snow, with the bulk of that coming yesterday (Thursday). Our excavator was able to get onsite on Monday to prep for the electrical closet slab, but snow, and then excessive cold forecasted for tonight, has put the pour off until next week. The […]

Harris 11/12/15

This past week we had some sunny cold weather, and some warmer grey/snowy weather. These photos were taken this afternoon, which was the latter. The house is closed in right now, meaning the roof is dried in, all the windows and doors from Jeld-Wen are installed, and the other openings have temporary doors. Once all […]

Harris 10/29/15

The weather this week was a bit iffy with some rain, little snow flurries and some sun.  The fascia is complete and the house is dried in.  The carpenters have started trimming out the windows as you can see from the pictures.  Tomorrow the insulators are scheduled to spray the 1″ layer of foam. Monday […]

Harris 10/22/15

There was a lot of activity on site this week. Monday and Tuesday were particularly rainy and cold, and resulted in another dusting of snow up high. The site was pretty wet, but things have started to dry out yesterday and today. The crew started in on the housewrap early this week because the roof […]

Harris 10/15/15

This week the framers worked on a adding holddowns, hurricane ties, and various miscellaneous Simpson products. They are also putting up the fascia that the painter has been staining. The painter has also stained a good portion of the window and corner trim. The plumber is expected onsite next week to put the vent stacks […]

Harris 10/8/15

We had beautiful weather this week to continue framing. The crew finished framing the garage, and rolled all the garage/attic trusses. The roof was sheeted, and the cold roofs are finished throughout the house. We scheduled the shear wall inspection for Wednesday and passed – this was for the exterior shear and holddowns. When we […]

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