Harris 3/17/16

Winter is back, at least for most of this week. The valley received heavy snow since Monday which naturally put off the excavator. He will keep a close eye on the weather and hopes to make a move out to the site during the next weather window. Woodworld was back on site yesterday installing the brackets for the floating shelves and bench; we should be seeing the final cabinet shop drawings this week. The drywall hanging is mostly finished, except where they will hang a few additional pieces over the brackets. The inspector signed off on the drywall nailing this morning, and the taping/mudding crew will mobilize tomorrow. The mason is also onsite this week working on the rest of the exterior stone. Pricing has come in for the countertops, and we’re still waiting on a couple more prices for flooring and the exterior terraces. Interior doors are under production, and the interior trim package will be ordered early next week. I will meet with Smart Steel on site tomorrow to measure for the balcony railing and discuss some options for closing off the roof access.



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