Harris 2/11/16

It’s been a sunny week – though temperatures remain in the 30s, we’ve had a valley-wide February thaw that has made work a bit more pleasant. This week the electrician will wrap up the rough-in. The lights and outlets will be done tomorrow, and he will continue with crawlspace wire for the furnaces, and the phone/cable/internet through early next week. Thermostat/low voltage wiring is 99% complete and will be finished next week as well. HVAC rough-in is almost complete – they continue to work on the ducts under the house. The crew is tying up loose framing ends, preparing for insulation, drywall and masonry in the coming month. Woodworld has more or less been chosen as the cabinetmaker, and has already started in on pricing some of your requests, changes, and value engineering ideas. Early next week we’ll need to confirm and get the tile on order. Looking forward to your visit in a couple weeks!






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