Harris 3/31/16

Weather this week was tough to predict. Every other day bounced between snow, slush and sunshine. The drywallers completed the texture and sanding on Monday and Tuesday. The painter mobilized Wednesday, and they are on site today prepping and masking. They will have the primer, first coat on walls, and ceilings complete by end of next week. The HVAC guys will also be back on site to complete the duct work and prepping for the furnace install. The excavator was able to get the water line connected through to the house yesterday, and the water trench filled back in. He’ll have the waste line trenched, run, and backfilled by Monday. The plumber will return then to install the meter, hook up the house systems, and pressurize everything so we will have water from the hose bibs. We should also see the interior doors, the mason, and the flooring this month. I met with Bell Hardwoods this morning to do a walk-through in preparation for the install. Everything looks good, and he’s going to start getting the product ordered.




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