Harris 10/22/15

There was a lot of activity on site this week. Monday and Tuesday were particularly rainy and cold, and resulted in another dusting of snow up high. The site was pretty wet, but things have started to dry out yesterday and today. The crew started in on the housewrap early this week because the roof was too wet and slippery to continue the fascia install. Yesterday they were able to finish the fascia, and tomorrow the roofers will be on site for dry-in and flashing. Housewrap is now mostly complete, and the windows are being installed. The guys will continue to make good progress on windows through the beginning of next week. When all the windows have been installed, we will get the insulators onsite to spray 1″ of foam throughout the house to keep things warmer and drier this winter.
The excavator was back on site this morning to dig the trench for the electrical, phone and cable from the transformer to the electrical service closet. The electrician installed his service box and CT can against the house; the conduit has been inspected by Lower Valley and the excavator will return tomorrow to close up the trench. I also met with the plumber on site this afternoon and will have some questions for you to answer early next week.
All the pre-stained siding and soffit were delivered this afternoon, and will be stored on site until mid next week when they can start in on the soffit and trim. The painter has started staining the exterior columns and beams as well.


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