Harris 7/7/16

The landscapers finished the stone terraces today, and are now working on laying out the planting beds, getting trees planted, topsoil spread, and irrigation line in. The painters have completed stain and lacquer on the interior trim and have started the final coat of paint on the walls. They also stained the garage door. The tile crew finished the kitchen backsplash, and is working on the grill backsplash. The shower glass was installed, and they will return to install mirrors next week after the painting is complete. The HVAC guys were on site trimming out floor registers, installing thermostats, and setting up the gas fireplace. They will also return again one more time after painting is complete. The plumber has wrapped up his fixture install, and is awaiting appliance install so he can finalize gas hookups. The interior handrail has been fabricated and is awaiting space at the powder coaters.


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