Harris 10/15/15

This week the framers worked on a adding holddowns, hurricane ties, and various miscellaneous Simpson products. They are also putting up the fascia that the painter has been staining. The painter has also stained a good portion of the window and corner trim. The plumber is expected onsite next week to put the vent stacks in, and from there we should be close to getting the roof dried in. The crew will focus next week on the housewrap and installing the¬†windows, which arrived on site this morning – they were unloaded in to the house. I took a couple of photos of one of the smaller units outside next to the trim so you can get a feel for the color scheme. I think it’s going to look great! The siding and soffit has been milled and is headed today to the pre-stainer. We expect to see that on site late next week. The excavator, electrician, and Lower Valley are scheduled for next Thursday to get the trenching done and the electrical service to the house. We have had amazing fall weather this week, but rain is in the forecast for the weekend and early next week.


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