Harris 1/14/16

The crew spent this week working on the interior framing punch-list – pantry 1/2 wall, pantry pocket doors, the living room fireplace, kitchen bar, bunk room. They also shoveled out the back deck area to begin set-up for the exterior deck framing. The duct work in the crawlspace for the forced air is coming along, with most of the return air vents installed in the walls. The electrical rough-in is complete on the east wing of the house. The plumbers returned this week to pressure test all their lines, and to begin installing the gas line. We met on Wednesday with the mason to look at stone samples for the other stone veneer in the living room, and are awaiting pricing on that. Weather permitting, we’ll see the deck framed next week, and more systems rough-in — snow is in the forecast through the weekend

Your home must be some kind of migration path for the local wildlife. Today a herd about about 10 deer browsed around, and last week a female moose and two juveniles wandered through. I’ll try to get some photos next time!




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