Harris 1/21/16

This week, in addition to more snow, we had the framing crew back on site for the balcony and deck framing. They built and sheeted the grill chase as well. Electrical was run outside for the exterior lights in this area, and I met with the plumber about running the gas line out to the grill area (this will be done in the spring/summer). Electrical rough-in is complete on the east side of the house, and Mike is now working in the Master wing, and a bit in the living room. The plumbing rough-in inspection was completed and signed-off this morning, so the plumber will be back for rough-in valves and tie-in once the fixtures have been signed-off. We had hoped to see the gas fireplace this week, but it still hasn’t arrived – it will get installed next week. The door material was chosen and is on order, and we are starting to see cabinet, masonry, and and countertop prices back.




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