Harris 11/20/15

Winter showed up this week. Most of the valley got 4-8 inches of snow, with the bulk of that coming yesterday (Thursday). Our excavator was able to get onsite on Monday to prep for the electrical closet slab, but snow, and then excessive cold forecasted for tonight, has put the pour off until next week. The masons were also onsite Monday to mobilize their scaffolding and materials to build a tent over the chimney. High winds Wednesday definitely tested the strength of their structure, but it held up, and they are onsite again today laying the angle-iron around the base of the chimney. They plan to start laying rock on Monday. The plumber, heating, and electrician have been onsite working their way through rough-in. The insulator spent yesterday prepping to spray, and is there again today (and Monday) to complete a 1.5″ spray throughout the house.

We had a great visit with Ann; we met up Wednesday morning on site and did a walk through with the electrician, nailing down several questionable light locations and switching layouts. After that, we met at the plumber’s showroom in town, and then at a cabinet shop. I’ve typed up a summary of our visits with each sub, and will send out a copy. Yesterday, while the snow was really coming down, we met at Chris’s office for several hours to discuss the rest of the interior finishes. A very productive week overall.


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