Harris 3/10/16

Drywall was delivered and stocked in the house on Monday. The drywall crew is hanging the ceilings first, and then moving on to the walls. The master wing is complete, and ceilings in the rest of the house are done. The front door and garage entry door were installed and trimmed on Tuesday, and the crew is finished the remaining siding around them. I met with Rocky Mountain Heating to discuss options for the exterior grill exhaust system, and expect some pricing soon. We reviewed several iterations of cabinet shop drawings, and I spent the day onsite with Woodworld measuring for all the cabinets. I hope to send final drawings off to you tomorrow. Despite 2 inches of new snow yesterday morning, and a forecast that shows snow/rain through early next week, we have Pete’s Excavation hopefully mobilizing again next Tuesday to trench and lay the water, sewer and gas lines, and do some terrace prep.




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