Harris 5/26/16

This week Pete was able to complete the terrace prep in between rain storms. Everything is compacted and ready for O’Brien Landscaping. Steve has mobilized some of his equipment out there, and plans to be on site Tuesday morning to start laying terrace stone. The cabinets have all been installed, including the bunk beds, and Woodworld will return in a couple weeks to tie up any loose ends. The trim in the East wing of the house is done, and the carpenters have moved to the master wing and will work their way back towards the living room. The wood floors are complete in the east and west hallways, the kitchen and pantry, and the living room. They will work on the stairs, garage hallway, and the upstairs next week, then move on to sanding, staining, and finishing. The insulators finished insulating the floor and crawlspace, and garage ceiling. The furnaces were hooked up today with temporary thermostats, and next week we hope to see the countertop installer. Lots is happening and things are looking great!




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