Silver Tip 12-16-21

Noeleen & Mark – A little more like winter this week, but the crew kept rolling on the exterior work.  The fascia, soffit, and exterior trim around the windows and doors is almost done.  The soffit at the Covered Patio will have to wait until the electrician is roughed-in, and we can insulate.  The roofers […]

Silver Tip 12-9-21

Noeleen & Mark –      Cooler and a few snow flurries this week, but still not great for skiing!  The carpenters took down the site built scaffolding over the main hallway this week, and worked on the fascia and soffit, which should be done by tomorrow.  The roofers started to remove the old roofing, […]

Silver Tip 12-2-21

Noeleen & Mark –      The beautiful weather continued this week.  We hoisted the 3 large door units over the house with a crane, and set them in the openings.  Now, all of the windows and doors are set, except for the 3 windows at the Covered Patio.  Those will have to wait until […]

Silver Tip 11-24-21

Noeleen & Mark –      The insulators continued with the spray foam insulation on Monday, while the carpenters worked outside on the deck framing and setting scaffolding up for setting the big windows.  The crane was onsite Tuesday, so the insulators did not work yesterday.  The crane takes up a good bit of the […]

Silver Tip 11-18-21

Noeleen & Mark –      The moment has arrived that I’ve waited for anxiously since the scope of the remodel was first described to me – the roof is dried-in!  The roofers are just finishing up the last small areas, and cleaning up.  Just in time, as the storm clouds are gathering over the […]

Silver Tip 11-11-21

Noeleen & Mark –      The carpenters continued the work on the roof framing this week, working on the roof overhangs and the overbuild areas.  Roof overbuild refers to the areas of the roof that are added on top of the main framing, to correct drainage issues where roof planes meet and create level […]

Silver Tip 11-4-21

Noeleen & Mark –      Almost over the biggest hurdle on the remodel – getting the roof on and dried-in.  We set the west trusses this morning, and the crew is busy bracing the trusses, and sheathing some of the new roof.  They will also start right in on framing the roof overhangs, getting […]

Silver Tip 10-28-21

Noeleen & Mark –      The carpenters have been working on the roof framing and sheathing on the roof trusses over the two east bedrooms this week. They have also finished sheathing the south gable wall on those bedrooms, and are doing as much prep. work for the second truss set next Tuesday (weather […]

Silver Tip 10-22-21

Noeleen and Mark –      Great progress this week, with the roof trusses over Bedroom suites #206 and #207 being set yesterday.   The weather cooperated, as the crew removed the roof over this area on Monday and Tuesday, and then setting the trusses yesterday.  They are now working on installing the plywood sheathing, […]

Silver Tip 10-14-21

Noeleen & Mark –    The carpenters worked on installing windows this week, and have installed all of the windows in the areas that are protected.  We are still waiting on a few of the door units, which should arrive next week.  They also stocked the plywood sheathing on the roof, in anticipation of the […]

Silver Tip 10-7-21

Noeleen & Mark –      The carpenters have been setting windows this week, finishing up the soffit and siding on the north dormer, and installed the upper level deck framing as far as they could go with the mason’s scaffolding at the chimney preventing them from finishing.  Once the masons are topped out on […]

Silver Tip 9-30-21

The windows arrived today!  Well, most of them.  The rest should arrive next week.  The crew will start installing them on Monday.  The carpenters were back on the north dormer this week, installing soffit and siding, and building the cold roof vent below the dormer, to vent the existing roof that runs from the dormer […]

Silver Tip-9-23-21

Noeleen & Mark – The mason’s have finished the “firebox” on the outdoor fireplace, and will be continuing on up with the concrete block structure of the chimney, and the clay flue tile.  They will start next week on the address marker, and the clean-up of the yard and planting beds beyond the terrace.  They […]

Silver Tip-9-16-21

Noeleen & Mark – Nice to get the south terrace put back together this week.  The mason’s poured the slab on Monday, and then started in on the fireplace rough-in on Tuesday.   They poured the hearth slab today under the fireplace.  The carpenters have been working on the floor framing over the Covered Patio, […]

Silver Tip-8-12-21

Noeleen & Mark – Still very warm, and dry, but at least the smoke has cleared out for awhile.  The framers worked on removing windows and doors this week, along with finishing up the Rumpus Room dormer, removing some of the roof truss framing (since we don’t have to worry about snow load on the […]

Silver Tip-8-5-21

Noeleen & Mark – Nice to see the progress while I was away, particularly the concrete getting poured in the crawlspace, and at the piers for the Hot Tub Room and the piers at the Covered Patio.   The carpenters have finished the Rumpus Room dormer, except for a few structural hangers that should be […]

Silver Tip 7-29-21

Noeleen and Mark- Dave is on vacation this week so I am taking over this weeks update.  This week the framers continued on the Rumpus Room dormer and roof framing.  They also finished the forms for the concrete piers under the Hot Tub Room.  We poured the concrete today for the 3 terrace piers, 3 […]

Silver Tip-7-22-21

Noeleen & Mark – A few rain showers this week were a nice change, lowering the heat setting and the smoke.  The framing crew is working on the Rumpus Room dormer and roof framing, and the gable wall where the door to the deck is located.  They also framed the new ceiling in Bath 215, […]

Silver Tip-7-15-21

Noeleen & Mark – Finally got the interior stain sample back from the Jeldwen crew, and it has been approved by all, so the windows will be ordered on Monday (that is their order day).  The framing crew has removed the roof framing above the Rumpus Room, and will start framing in the new north […]

Silver Tip-7-8-21

Noeleen & Mark – The framing crew worked on the complicated section of roof to the west of the north facing shed dormer, above the stairway and Bath 215.  Three ridges converge in this area, all at different elevations.  It requires framing and sheathing the lowest roof first, and then overbuilding the roofs above.  They […]

Silver Tip-7-1-21

Noeleen & Mark – The framing of the north dormer is completed, and it’s dried-in.  The remaining original roof framing in that area has been removed, and the transformation upstairs is dramatic.  The crew is now working on re-building the wall between the stairwell and Bath 215 (Grant & Rebecca’s Bath), so that they can […]

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