Silver Tip 11-18-21

Noeleen & Mark –     

The moment has arrived that I’ve waited for anxiously since the scope of the remodel was first described to me – the roof is dried-in!  The roofers are just finishing up the last small areas, and cleaning up.  Just in time, as the storm clouds are gathering over the Tetons, and we are supposed to see snow starting tonight around 9 pm, and continuing through Saturday.  The insulators will be onsite tomorrow morning, to spray a 1”-2” layer of foam on the exterior walls and roof, so that we can hold the heat in, and the subcontractors can work in a conditioned space.  We passed our framing inspection this afternoon, so we are cleared to insulate.  It will likely take them a couple of days, so they will finish up on Monday, and then on Tuesday the crane will be back onsite to swing the large window and door units around back to be set.  We have started to remove some of the drywall from areas of ceiling on the main floor, so that the plumbers, HVAC sub., and fire sprinkler crew can start to re-route their lines.  The mason will be back onsite once the windows and doors are set in the new construction areas, to start the stone veneer.  Kurt, Brad, and I met with Dave Niles, lighting designer, yesterday, to show him our lighting challenges, and he has some good ideas to make the art lighting in the gallery/hallway be both functional and discrete.  – – – Dave

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