Silver Tip-8-12-21

Noeleen & Mark –

Still very warm, and dry, but at least the smoke has cleared out for awhile.  The framers worked on removing windows and doors this week, along with finishing up the Rumpus Room dormer, removing some of the roof truss framing (since we don’t have to worry about snow load on the roof, at the moment!), and cleaning up the back terrace area in anticipation of starting backfill soon.  The masons have started the concrete block chimney foundation and adjacent walls, and should finish that up on Monday.  They will bring the block up to near the terrace height, and then pour a slab at that elevation.  They will then pull off of working in that area, and we will start backfilling, and setting the steel columns for the deck and bedroom above.  Once we pour the terrace slab, they will set up scaffolding, and finish the chimney rough-in.  The steel fabricator will be making the 3 columns next week, along with prepping the steel beam that carries the center of the deck and bedroom floor framing.  We will then set the steel the following week.   – – – Dave

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