Silver Tip Holdings-5-6-21

Noeleen & Mark –

Almost done with the interior demolition, and we’ve started on the exterior this week.  The radiant heat topping slab has been removed from the 2nd floor areas where necessary, along with the tubing.  The insulator finished removing the blown-in loose insulation from the attic areas, and the ceiling drywall has been removed.  The masons have removed the stone from the back of the house, where needed, and were able to save a pretty good amount for re-use.  We will be cutting the slab on the terrace on Tuesday next week, for the fireplace and pier foundation work.  The steel fabricator will be onsite Monday to weld the steel plate to the bottom of the steel beam in the Master Bedroom ceiling, allowing us to use that beam without removing it.  He will also bring the 3 steel columns for the crawlspace supports that need to be added.  We are just about ready to order windows, and Kurt will be sending you some choices that need to be made on some of the larger units, in order to make them meet the window manufacturer’s engineering requirements.  70ºF today, and snow showers in the forecast forecast for the weekend.  Springtime!   – – – Dave

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