Silver Tip 10-22-21

Noeleen and Mark –     

Great progress this week, with the roof trusses over Bedroom suites #206 and #207 being set yesterday.   The weather cooperated, as the crew removed the roof over this area on Monday and Tuesday, and then setting the trusses yesterday.  They are now working on installing the plywood sheathing, framing the roof overhangs, and the south gable wall framing for these two bedrooms.  They will be working tomorrow, also, to get this area covered up and weather protected, as our nice weather window closes tomorrow evening.   Supposed to be a wet weekend, and rain/snow into next week, so we may have to delay the removal of the west section of roof until the weather cooperates.  The framers now have a lot of interior wall framing to work on, so they will keep busy if the weather stays wet next week.  The masons have reached the top of the chimney, and will be grouting the upper half of the chimney tomorrow.  – – – Dave

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