Silver Tip 11-24-21

Noeleen & Mark –     

The insulators continued with the spray foam insulation on Monday, while the carpenters worked outside on the deck framing and setting scaffolding up for setting the big windows.  The crane was onsite Tuesday, so the insulators did not work yesterday.  The crane takes up a good bit of the driveway, and the carpenters needed to be inside the house to set the windows, so the insulators will be back next week to finish up.  They are putting the full depth of foam on the underside of the roof (no rough-in there for the plumbers, electricians, HVAC sub.), and 2” on the exterior walls, for now.  We used the crane to swing the big window units onto the scaffolding at the back of the house.  We got all of the units around back for the upper level, but the wind came up just before noon, so we couldn’t swing the big door units around back.  That will happen next week, and it hopefully will not be windy!  The carpenters worked on setting the two pairs of doors at the upper level deck today, installing Tyvek (think Goretex for your house) on the exterior of the house, and cleaning up.  We also started to open up some of the ceilings on the main level, ahead of the trades starting rough-in.  Drywall was removed from the areas under new plumbing fixture locations on the upper level, and where the fire sprinkler sub. needs access.  So nice to have the upper level enclosed now.  Just in time, as it’s supposed to drop into the single digits tonight! –Dave Hammond

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