Silver Tip-9-23-21

Noeleen & Mark –

The mason’s have finished the “firebox” on the outdoor fireplace, and will be continuing on up with the concrete block structure of the chimney, and the clay flue tile.  They will start next week on the address marker, and the clean-up of the yard and planting beds beyond the terrace.  They will also start the repair on the existing chimney cap soon.  The carpenters worked on enlarging the opening into the Livng Room from the Entry Hall, removing the art light valance, framing the east exterior wall at Bedroom 206, cleaning up all of the wall openings for eventual drywall patching, and a good clean-up.  They started on the soffit at the north dormer today, also.  The floor joists for the upper level deck arrive later today, so they will start on that on Monday.

Normally, I treat this weekly update as just that, a review of the week’s work, and a look ahead at the next week or two.  I do want to emphasize at this time that we are experiencing delays in getting materials, such as windows and trusses, delivered to the site.  I’m pretty sure you are all aware of this.  The window order was finally placed in mid-July, after a month or more of back and forth to get the interior stain approved.  They are now due in by next Friday, which will make it 11 weeks from order to delivery, not the original 6-8 weeks we were told.  We were also told that the trusses would take 6-8 weeks.  I sent the approved truss drawings to our supplier on June 24, so it’s been 13 weeks, and we are told we will see them on or about October 13th, which will make it 16 weeks from the order date.  These delays are standard at this time for just about everything.  I called 3 weeks ago to have our large dumpster emptied.  Still not done – they are training new employees, is the excuse.  They have been told to just haul it away, and we will use our own trailer so that we can dump it as needed.  Just a few examples of the current construction/life during a pandemic scenario.  We have made adjustments, and have kept busy and productive up until now, and we have work for the crew into early next week.  I’ve adjusted the schedule as close as I can, while maintaining our June 1st completion date, but wanted to let everyone know that we may have to add time to the scheduled completion date, particularly if we experience any more delays with the big ticket items – the trusses and windows.  I will of course keep everyone updated.  – – – Dave

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