Silver Tip-7-8-21

Noeleen & Mark –

The framing crew worked on the complicated section of roof to the west of the north facing shed dormer, above the stairway and Bath 215.  Three ridges converge in this area, all at different elevations.  It requires framing and sheathing the lowest roof first, and then overbuilding the roofs above.  They should have it all tied together early next week, and then they will move to the dormer above the Rumpus Room.  They also re-framed the south opening at the Hot Tub Room to accommodate a taller door, to match the unit adjacent to it in the Master Bedroom.  Today they started to remove rotten framing and reframe the perimeter of the floor of the Hot Tub Room, in anticipation of pouring the new piers under the 3 exposed corners of the room.  And, Hallelujah!, the roof trusses are on order, and we should see the stain sample for the interior of the windows tomorrow, so the windows will be ordered on Monday.  – – – Dave

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