Silver Tip 11-11-21

Noeleen & Mark –     

The carpenters continued the work on the roof framing this week, working on the roof overhangs and the overbuild areas.  Roof overbuild refers to the areas of the roof that are added on top of the main framing, to correct drainage issues where roof planes meet and create level valleys, that don’t drain readily.  They finished framing the gable end wall at the west bedroom, and sheathed that.  When the weather didn’t allow them on the roof, they worked on the interior wall framing upstairs, which is nearing completion.  They should be ready for a framing and sheathing inspection by the end of next week, and then we will have the insulator spray an inch of foam over the exterior walls and roof, allowing us to heat the space, and start the trades on their rough-in.  The masons have installed the stone window sills on the exterior of all of the windows that are currently installed.  The preliminary cabinet shop drawings have been reviewed by all, and will be sent to Woodland Cabinetry by tomorrow morning.  – – -Dave

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