Silver Tip-5-20-21

Noeleen & Mark –

The carpenters removed the shingles and roof sheathing from the front section of roof where the north dormer will be framed.  They left just the rafters to support the tarp that is protecting the house from rain/snow, which is the forecast for the next 3-4 days.  The welder installed two steel brackets on the steel beam in the Master Bedroom, to carry the new beams in the 2nd floor framing.  The removal of the terrace slab areas on the north terrace has been put off until next week, as the excavator that the mason brought out to the site yesterday was app. 1″ wider than the opening in the stone wall surrounding the terrace.  We’ve got another piece of equipment lined up for next week, that will be smaller, and will be able to get around back without damaging any trees along the way.  We should be seeing the stain sample from JeldWen early next week, and if it looks good, we will place the window order.  I wanted to take more pictures of the work on the roof, but the carpenters covered it up before I had a chance.  There will be more pictures next week!  – – – Dave

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