Granite Ranch-4-8-21

Kurt –

The drywall finish will be done by tomorrow, and then the interior painting will follow next week.  The wood flooring is ready, and sitting in Ohio, waiting for a truck.  We should see it later next week. The wood floor should be installed and finished by the end of the following week, 4/23.  The last week of April will see the interior trim being installed, and the electrical trim-out.  The first week of May will be the staining of the interior trim and windows, and the staining of the exterior. The second week of May will see the chinking where the drywall meets the logs, and several other areas to seal up the connector.  Then we will take down the tenting, and clean-up!  We will check with Adam & Julia on the schedule for the added deck on the west side of the connector, and see when they want that work to take place.  – – – Dave

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