Silver Tip 10-7-21

Noeleen & Mark –     

The carpenters have been setting windows this week, finishing up the soffit and siding on the north dormer, and installed the upper level deck framing as far as they could go with the mason’s scaffolding at the chimney preventing them from finishing.  Once the masons are topped out on the chimney, the deck will be finished.  The masons grouted the lower half of the chimney on Tuesday, had to wait a day for it to cure, and will continue with the block work when the rain lets up.  We have awarded the cabinet work to Woodland Cabinetry this week, ordered the interior doors, and will be getting bids on the interior trim package next week.  The trenching for the natural gas lines in Teton Pines is proceeding on Green’s Place, so access is a little difficult, but didn’t really hold us up this week.  – – – Dave

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