Silver Tip-8-5-21

Noeleen & Mark –

Nice to see the progress while I was away, particularly the concrete getting poured in the crawlspace, and at the piers for the Hot Tub Room and the piers at the Covered Patio.   The carpenters have finished the Rumpus Room dormer, except for a few structural hangers that should be arriving soon.  The repair work at the Dining Room door threshold area has been completed, with just the rim board needing to be replaced.  Some of the floor joists had minor water damage right at the ends of the joists, so we cut them all back 1 3/4″, and doubled up the rim board.  The mason will be onsite Monday, starting the block foundation for the outdoor chimney.  We layed out the chimney on the footing today, and have it all marked out for them.  We also shot the elevations of the piers that will be supporting steel columns at the terrace, and will be getting the column dimensions to our steel fabricator.  Looking forward to getting the below slab work done at the terrace, so we can backfill and pour the new terrace slab.   – – – Dave

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