Silver Tip-7-22-21

Noeleen & Mark –

A few rain showers this week were a nice change, lowering the heat setting and the smoke.  The framing crew is working on the Rumpus Room dormer and roof framing, and the gable wall where the door to the deck is located.  They also framed the new ceiling in Bath 215, removed a section of the railing at the stair opening at the upper level, and framed in the small section of floor.  We still have over 7′ head room to the stairs below, so we are good there.  They continued to work on the Hot Tub Room repair and piers, and that will be done by Monday.  The steel column and brackets that we’ve been waiting for were delivered today, so by the end of the day Monday, we will be ready for concrete.  I just spoke with our concrete subcontractor, and he is going to try to fit us in on Tuesday, which would be perfect.  I just have to keep harassing him!  There is a picture of the large Weathered Buff terrace stone samples next to the front door, and both Kurt and Mica approved the material.  Mark, there is also a picture of the tops of the propane tanks, looking from your east property line, towards the house.  Hope it gives you a bearing on where they are located.  There are stakes marking both lids in the picture.  That’s all for now, time to braai!  – – – Dave

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