Silver Tip-6-24-21

Noeleen & Mark –

Very good progress all around onsite this week.  The west end of the main ridge beam was set with the aid of a crane, so now the carpenters can finish framing the north shed dormer.  The roof framing to the west of the dormer is almost complete now, which will allow them to frame the west end of the dormer, and sheath the dormer roof.  They also reframed door openings at the Den at the top of the stairs on the upper level, so that the doors are symmetrically located within the room.  The footings at the terrace were poured, plus 2 of the 3 new pads around the Hot Tub Room.  The concrete crew came back the next day and formed the piers, and they will be poured next week, along with the foundation pads in the crawlspace.  As soon as we get the details for the new support structure under the Hot Tub Room, we will get that poured, then we can backfill and pour the new terrace slab in the areas that were excavated.  The roof trusses are ordered, and we should finally be seeing the stain sample from Jeldwen tomorrow morning.  Will review that with Kurt as soon as we can, and then we can place the window order.  A few light showers and cooler today and tomorrow, and then it’s back into the low 90’s next week, not what we are used to.   – – – Dave

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