Silver Tip 10-28-21

Noeleen & Mark –     

The carpenters have been working on the roof framing and sheathing on the roof trusses over the two east bedrooms this week. They have also finished sheathing the south gable wall on those bedrooms, and are doing as much prep. work for the second truss set next Tuesday (weather looks good early next week!) as they can, without removing the roof in that area.  They have started on the interior wall framing where the trusses are already set.  On Monday, they will have a larger crew, and will remove the west roof ahead of the truss set on Tuesday.  The masons have topped out the CMU’s (Concrete Masonry Units, or cinder blocks) on the outdoor fireplace/chimney, and grouted the chimney.  They also have the address marker CMU’s up to finished height.  The first load of exterior stone for the house walls arrived yesterday, and they are expecting the terrace stone to be delivered to their yard by early next week.  Then they will cut that material to various sizes, and start to bring that over to set it.  We should be seeing preliminary cabinet shop drawings next week from Woodland, and will distribute them to you, Mika, and Kurt for review. -Dave Hammond

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