Silver Tip-6-10-21

Noeleen & Mark –

The north dormer is taking shape, and should be fully framed and sheathed by mid-next week.  Kurt was really excited to see the proportions and space of the dormer from the upper level.  Even with the scaffolding in place, it really opens up the upstairs hallway/balcony, and will let a lot of indirect light in.  It’s going to look very nice from the driveway/street, also.  The excavator finally got through the tough section of terrace slab near the Laundry Room, and has all of the concrete removed, and is starting on the excavation.  As you know, we ran into some creative framing and concrete work at the Hot Tub Room, and have sent field dimensions and photos to the structural engineer to come up with some details to make sure we have the proper structure in place.  I met with Sure Green this morning, and they have put several of the landscape irrigation zones back on line, so that we can keep the plantings and lawn on the back of the house alive.  They are also going to hook in a hose to one of the sprinkler boxes, so that we can spot water.  We can’t run the sprinklers at the driveway island, as we need to park on the grass there.  We are still waiting on the stain sample from the window manufacturer.  Apparently, the first sample that they received from their finisher was off, so they didn’t bother sending it on to us.  Hope to see something next week.   – – – Dave

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