Silver Tip 12-9-21

Noeleen & Mark –     

Cooler and a few snow flurries this week, but still not great for skiing!  The carpenters took down the site built scaffolding over the main hallway this week, and worked on the fascia and soffit, which should be done by tomorrow.  The roofers started to remove the old roofing, and installing the waterproofing membrane.  They should have all of the old roofing removed by tomorrow, and the new membrane down, and will start installing the new cedar shakes next week.  The plumbers are working on their rough-in, which is moving along nicely.  The fire sprinkler crew was also onsite for a few days, replacing all of the old sprinkler heads in the house, which were recalled awhile ago.  Brad and I did a walk through with Ascent AV this morning, and he will be giving you an update on that, along with a few questions.  The electricians start their rough-in on Monday.  I did check the narrow windows at the Covered Patio, and those are triple pane.  So, the only window in the house that is not triple pane is the sliding window at the Covered Patio.  The window rep. did tell me during the ordering phase that their sliders are double pane, for ease of operation, and didn’t see that as an issue, as it is “outside”.   –Dave Hammond

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