Silver Tip-9-16-21

Noeleen & Mark –

Nice to get the south terrace put back together this week.  The mason’s poured the slab on Monday, and then started in on the fireplace rough-in on Tuesday.   They poured the hearth slab today under the fireplace.  The carpenters have been working on the floor framing over the Covered Patio, and are prepping for the framing at the deck.  Also cleaning up some of the drywall that was left on in some small areas, and clearing out the Living Room a bit, in anticipation of the windows arriving next week, and “packing-out” the outside steel columns with wood, so that the masons can attach their stone veneer to make the 2 foot x 2 foot square columns.  They are also working on the tarps and plastic this afternoon, in preparation for the weather that is coming in on Sunday.  We may see snow to the valley floor in this cold front, but then it is supposed to be nice for awhile after that.  Our usual mid-September dusting that lets us know what’s coming.  The excavator dug for the address marker in front of the house, and we will start forming and pouring concrete for that next week.  For some reason, I can not attach photos to this post.  I will send them via email.   – – – Dave

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